"Transformative Practice"

Self-paced Practice Course

with Zenki Dillo Roshi

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What is the experiential essence of Zen Buddhism? Underneath the traditional language, how does Buddhism answer our inmost request for transformation?


The answer is four-fold: transformative practice, liberation from suffering, cultivation of a wisdom mind, and compassionate action. This Practice Course, the first in a series of four, is an in-depth exploration of “Transformative Practice.”


Course Components

(all components are optional, you may choose how to participate)

  • 10 recorded dharma talks (video)
  • Daily practice suggestions for all weekly topics (3-5 min audio or reading)
  • 8 book excerpts


Aligned with Part 1 of Zenki Roshi's book "The Path of Aliveness" (Spring 2022)

  1. The Inmost Request
  2. The Four Tenets of Buddhism
  3. Ingredients of Transformation: Sensation and Attention
  4. Ingredients of Transformation: Intention and Cognition
  5. The Physical and Mental Postures of Meditation​
  6. Mindfulness and Bodyfulness
  7. The Four Gates of Mindfulness
  8. Buddhism — a Transformative Phenomenology

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Course Series

"Transformative Practice"

"Liberation from Suffering" (Oct 1–Nov 21, 2021)

"Wisdom Mind" (Winter 2022)

"Compassionate Action" (Fall 2022)

Zenki Roshi’s dharma talks are awesome. He has a wonderful way of bringing Zen teaching to the heart of real life. If you’ve ever wondered how to fully and completely engage with your life, these talks are for you.

Anna Floyd

Boulder, CO

Zenki Roshi has a unique aptitude for weaving traditional Zen teachings into contemporary personal and cultural challenges. [He] tactfully uses the exploration of language and anecdotes to eloquently articulate Zen approaches to transformation, realization, wisdom and compassion. What’s more, these teachings are appropriate for the newcomer to Zen practice and the decades-long veteran, alike.

Wolf Drimal

Bozeman, MT

There is nothing aloof or distant about these teachings; they are made personal and relatable by how Zenki Roshi delivers teachings within the context of his own experience as a decades-long practitioner of Zen. I also very much appreciate his precise and concise use of language to point listeners to deeply explore the richness of their own bodily experiences.

Mark Weinhold

Carbondale, CO

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