Supporting Membership

Free access to...

  • Sunday Dharma Talks
  • Monthly Mondo
  • Zazenkai (One-day Sittings)
  • Invitation to biannual member meeting

Full Membership

Supporting membership benefits, plus...

  • Up to 60% sliding scale reductions on all paid programs, incl. Practice Meetings, 8-week  Practice Courses, Seminars and more.
  • Dokusan (offered monthly)
  • Audio Library with hundreds of dharma talks



Full membership benefits, plus:


Free access to...

  • 8-week Practice Courses 
  • All Seminars
  • 10-week Group Qigong classes

All prices reflect a monthly contribution.

Please consider your membership to be at least a 1-year commitment.

You can change levels at any time.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.



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